The idea for the Lelka & Mania Political Festival and the Workshop Days came from the realization that for many young people, politics seems to be a rather obscure subject.
This is due on the one hand to a lack of free spaces, and on the other hand to the fact that the threshold for joining self-organized projects is often too high.
In light of current political developments however, a strong youth movement is more important than ever. These developments begin with the year-long, tolerated murders committed by the right-wing terrorist organization NSU, daily attacks by nazis on refugee shelters, all the way to the increasing electoral success of parties like the AfD, whose program is literred with racist contents.
The Workshop Days and the Festival are an attempt to create a space where we can work against these developments. We want to see ourselves as a united youth, and simply discuss and exchange various ideas. For this purpose it is important to have a free space in which there is no performance pressure or competition and in which your sexuality, gender and appearance (…) don’t matter.

We want everyone to be able to take part, regardless of their income.
This means that attendance and food are based on donations